60 साल की महिला का बना फ्रेंड, iphone देने का लालच देकर खाते से उड़ा लिए 4 करोड़

60-year-old woman’s friend, lured by giving iphone, flew 4 crore from account

The friend, who became 5 months ago on social media, confused the 60-year-old woman that in a few months, Rs 3.98 crore went away from her account. When the woman came to know about this, the matter reached the police on Thursday. This incident is from Pune district of Maharashtra.
According to PTI’s news, this 60-year-old woman is in a senior executive post in a private firm in Pune city. Within a few months, there were 207 transactions in different accounts from Mahila’s account, in which Rs 3.98 crore was lost.

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Updated: April 23, 2021 — 4:52 pm