चोर ने लौटाया कोरोना वैक्सीन का बैग, लिखा- ‘सॉरी पता नहीं था’

The thief returned a bag of corona vaccine, wrote- ‘Sorry didn’t know’

You must have heard that many times a thief steals before hard work, but then later on seeing the stolen thing, his heart gets sweaty and he goes back to the same place. A similar case has also come up in Jind, Haryana. Here a thief stole a bag full of medicines, but when he came to know that they had the corona vaccine in it, he left it back outside the police station. With this, he also left a note and said sorry.

Must have stolen the bag as a remdassevir – the police
According to the NDTV report, the thief returned it to the police just hours after stealing the vaccine bag. The thief left a note written in Hindi with this bag. In which he wrote – “Sorry, I did not know Corona is a medicine”.

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